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sg1 poke

this is depressing

Oh this is not my day. Why oh why did I succumb to twitchie's test? Bummer. I hate word problems and I admit I am a Math dummy. Now, if the IQ test had diagrams (me being a visual learner) I would have done much better but my brain balks at word problems. I actually had a panic attack. Twichie--find a test that is better for my poor bruised ego.

Your IQ Is 105

Your Logical Intelligence is Average
Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius
Your Mathematical Intelligence is Average
Your General Knowledge is Exceptional


Heheh. Gotcha again!! LOL!
ah, the lure of the quiz. hey, i know you're very smart, funny, and exceptional. i'm just sayin'.

and if i took that test, i know for certain that my math portion would come out as follows: "maroon, just a maroon".

*twirls you around in non-dizzifying hug*
*grabs my hug and twirls gleefully* That'll teach me to take a quiz first thing in the morning--not that the time of day makes much difference when it comes to word problems. *g*

thanks for the vote of confidence. It takes a nice person to know one.
thank you :::blushes:::

and remember those word math problems that always ended up making no sense? something like this: "if a train leaves chicago with four apples, and a bus leaves detroit with a case of oranges, which one gets to new york first?"

those always made me cry. hee!
You're so much better in that test than I am ! *lol*
105 isn't bad ;)
I guess it is all in the expectations. lol I always have high hopes.