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feels like family

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I'm healing up after a collapsed lung scare that put me back in the hospital. Thanks to all my scaper friends for their good wishes. It surely helped.

A big wave to GWWJs who are playing in San Diego this weekend.


Oh, gosh! (((ix)))

Hope you feel better!
Oh honey, you surely haven't had an easy time of it. Here's to a speedy recovery.
Glad you're doing better, ixie! ::hugs::
I'm sorry to hear you were in the hospital! I'm glad you're back out and, presumably, doing all right.
Glad you're on the mend!
yikes, i'm glad you're ok, and i hope you're feeling better asap. *gentle hugs*
you keep yourself out of that hospital girl. Thinking of you in the best possible ways. You hurry up and get better for the Burbank Convention.
You hear>>>>>>