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sg1 poke

Disaster Relief for New Orleans and the Delta

Oh I am heartsick at the devastation in the coastal regions of Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana including my lovely city of New Orleans. I went to college at Newcomb College of Tulane and lived in the Garden District for four years. Thea describes so beautifully the strange place with its lush greenery, backwards and forwards attitudes towards race relations, glorious music and culture and the food. Now it is flooded and folks have to abandon their possessions as the waters rise. I saw pictures of Biloxi and I keep remembering a trip I took there (actually several) to attend a retreat in an old monastery right on the coast. The spanish moss-covered trees, sand, and soft language.

Like Thea, I can't give blood and I can't make it down there to help (and what would I do anyway?) so I donated to the Red Cross Hurricane 2005 Relief Fund.

sdwolfpup, unwritten_words, and simplystars have posted other relief fund locations. Please give. The pictures in the Washington Post this morning were of acres and miles of coastline laid to waste. It is our Tsunami. Here are pictures.