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sg1 poke


Okay, my quizz for the day because I feel silly and bored and anything to help my tooth pain go away is okay by me!

Everything Pizza

Diverse and adaptable
You enjoy the full buffet of life
It's hard to you play favorites with friends... or flavors
There's very little that you dislike!

twich suggested and I found THE most beautiful vid I've seen lately. Everyone must watch catherinebruce 's vid Heaven's Door to "Breathing" by Lifehouse. I've never heard the music before but is was so perfect for the end of Season 2 of Farscape. I hate the idea of Catherine being in Iraq, but she sure keeps herself busy. Please keep her safe and vidding.


Awwww! *Hearts and flowers and kisses for you!*'

I'm realrealglad you liked it! ^_^ Enough for pimpin, squee!

And no worries, I'll be home soooon!

Oh I want that Group Hug icon--It's Joxer the Mighty! with Gabriel his girl and Xena. Catherine, I follow and watch from afar but I love your stories and that vid is wonderful. Twich started the pimp'n when she sent it to Dorothy Gail and I for our morning Ben fix. Take care. Get some sleep.