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sg1 poke

Another snippet for Come to Me

The wait is going to kill me--d's interview yesterday went well and he told me I could be optimistic. That's a big deal since for him the glass is always half empty. Please let the wait for word yes/no happen soon because I want our lives to change from this infernal waiting.

I always feel I'm playing catch up with L's work at school. I was proactive this morning and printed out her assignments so that we could figure out how to plan the coming week.

No word from State Department or the graphics company about further work. I am frustrated with my working life at the moment. Got a call from the synagogue last night that politics is interferring with a contract to design a fund-raising software and they are going to go again with what they have. Nothing comes easy, does it?

I am lonely and bored--my expectations of everyone is much higher than I get. Maybe I should lower my needs. sigh. Like John, I need a pillow to hide behind. The bag of popcorn would be nice too.

Here's a new snippet for Come To Me.

Aeryn raced to her stricken lover's side and carefully placed her palm on John's cheek. He clumsily reached up and fumbled with her hand to acknowledge her help in grounding him. She carefully moved her hand down until she held his hand and guided him out of the entrance of the cottage away from D'Argo, Chiana, and Zhaan. John stumbled as he stepped down the path to the beach. Aeryn caught him before he fell and steadied him, knowing that he could not feel the ground with his numb feet, nor feel the sun on his face and cool breeze drying the sweat on his brow as he struggled away from his friends.

At approximately 200 motres from the cottage, John finally recovered his senses and shoock his head to clear his vision and hearing. He coughed and gave a strong sigh as he lowered himself on to a large rock facing the ocean. Aeryn placed her arms around John and gave him a hug as he lowered his head into his hands.

"Aeryn, I can't do this any more. I know he's out there. I can feel it and he wants me to get back to work. Why else is he punishing me like this?" John groaned as he mumbled the words into his hands.

"John, we've been through this many times in the past cycle. Scorpius is dead. You killed him. Don't go back, come with me forward. Strength, remember? These latest incidents happened because D'Argo, Chiana, and Zhaan have found us...you. We WILL find a way to solve this frelling situation. I promise you."

John looked up at Aeryn and then looked away and out over the ocean where the sea "birds" were circling in their freedom. "I hate the dark, the nothingness. I am so out of control. I want my life back. I was a scientist once...an astronaut," he whispered as he continued to watch the birds dive and wheel up into the crystal clarity of the sky over Kouri. "Ok, Aeryn. Strength. I remember. We need a plan and I think it is time to confront the demons who did this. Tell the others for me...tell them I miss them. Gotta think things through. Gotta be proactive. Enough with the passive! Mamma Crichton's boy gonna kick some ass and get some answers. Yes!" John jumped up and stood on the rock and shook his middle finger up into the air defiantly. Screw you Scorpy. PKs are gonna give me the frelling answers to how to unlock this chip in my head. I just have to figure out how."

Aeryn looked at her lover and shook her head in amazement at his ability to find hope and the energy one more time to defy his situation. She smiled a grim smile when she thought of what was ahead of them in the near future. Somehow she knew that with John's improvisation, D'Argo's strength, Chiana's cunning, and Zhaan's sturdy and fierce support they would win. If they could only figure out how.