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some kind of hero

A Quiz and Something bugging me

First, a quiz stolen from practically everyone.

I took the "Which Firefly Character Are you" and came out as Kaylee--big surprise.

So, I was over reading on another board and came upon an in depth conversation titled: "Did PK Wars Kill Henson Company?"

Reading along, because the question intrigued me, I got the distinct impression that there are two camps in Scaper-dome--them that feel that there must be hope and who therefore like the ending of the mini with its romantic notion that John and Aeryn finally get some sort of peace in their lives (you can tell where I come from here); and those who are very angry and detest the mini because it did not fulfill John's role as the dark lord of the Sith. There are folks angry because Scarrens die too easily. There are folks angry because John didn't die at the end; and there are those who feel that the mini was hokey. They go so far as to say that Henson mortgaged their soul to put on a bogus ending.

Now, I have quibbles with the mini for not being able to delve into the Characters and have those quiet moments and discussions that I have read in the working script, but to say that the ideas of the mini killed Farscape is pretty extreme. It really has me bothered.

See, I am Kaylee at heart and the hope at the end of the mini seems right to me.

Any thoughts?


Given how much of a constant theme father-son relationships, family, and John's journey to find a home--first Earth, then a future with Aeryn--were throughout the entire series, I don't see how it could have ended any other way. The very last scene of the miniseries circled right back around to the very beginning of "Premiere." They took John some pretty dark places along the way, but never to a place of such nihilism that having him go evil/destroy everything/die would have made sense. And I never got the impression that they were out to tell a hopeless story, even as bad as things got for John.
You hit the nail on the head--John even stated the theme in the mini. Family, family is everything. They took John to dark places but never lost sight that the man is inherently innocent. John is a dreamer in a way--he believes in family, honor, and peace. The methods are brutal but so are the enemies. In the end, it did circle around and brought us to a place where John and Aeryn were together ready for more story.

The nihilists want a dark, black John and I never saw that. I would hate a show like that. It is hope that holds him together. Hope, Aeryn, and Moya.
I'm not afraid of dark--I love Battlestar Galactica for crying out loud--but I think people get confused about what's actually a sustainable model for a television show, and unrelenting blackness is not it. It's not a realistic expectation. And it would probably be extremely terrible television. That's what fanfic is for.
This is me being cynical: whether it be PKW, or the never-was-Season-5, there would still be a difference of opinion about whether the outcome for the story and the characters was brilliant or was crap.

I predict the same for Serenity/Firefly: it will be Bless Joss or Curse Joss.

And, off to the side, for both Farscape and for Firefly, there will be the group that cherishes what was, and mourns what might have been.
You have a point there. My bother is about how nasty it can get. Folks are welcome to their opinions. In fact, I really like reading other opinions until one side disses the other side. Then I get annoyed. The PKW killed Farscape side of things have a tendency to be very annoying in their smugness.

Me, I'm just going with the flow. Good stories both Farscape and Firefly with fascinating, living, breathing characters can withstand the analysis as long as the folks analyzing stay true to the story. In Farscape this means that John has to retain his innate sense of self as innocent even as he falls apart around it. In Serenity (movie version) Mal has to regain his belief in something as the world comes closer. If those two things stay true, then I can grow.

Me, I am standing on the side, cherishing.
I'm right there, with you. (I know, you're shocked!)

I say, if the same story/show/characters can inspire lively debate and can provide evidence for all the varying viewpoints, then that is a big damn excellent success, and thanks be for it!
Wait, I thought it was season 4 that killed Farscape.

*scratches head*

I got into the fandom in early season 2, and back then there were proclamations of doom about how This Season Was So Much Worse Than The Previous One, They Totally Ruined It. Then, come the start of season 3, season 2 instantly became the golden year to which season 3 was unfavourably compared. And so on, and so on.

Personally, I thought the end of PKW struck a pretty good balance. I read it as hopeful, but not too sweet. John's walking and talking and connecting with Aeryn and the kid and, you know, not actually catatonic anymore, but I didn't see anything to indicate that he'd somehow magically recovered from all the emotional/psychological damage he sustained over the whole series, or that everything was going to be perfect from then on. Guy's just killed thousands of people (at least) and been in a state where he was genuinely prepared to destroy the universe. That's plenty dark enough for my taste.

(Of course, I have the whole exogamy arc ramble, which says "marriage and baby" is, in this context, a whole lot more interesting and relevant to the show's themes than it seems.)