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sg1 poke

Thank you everyone for birthday wishes

You Are A: Pony!

ponyWho doesn't love a pony? You are one of these miniature horses, renown for your beauty and desired by many. Full of grace, you are a beautiful and very special animal, full of strength and majesty.

You were almost a: Duck or a Bear Cub
You are least like a: Puppy or a MouseThe Cute Animals Quiz

Who would have thunk it?

Thank you to everyone for your birthday wishes. It was a lousy weekend due to family strife, but in the end, turned out okay. I did get to see Serenity, so that was something.

Hugs flist. You guys are great friends.


I'm a pony too. Imagine that! LOL!
...I'm a lamb. Baaaaaaa.

And happy birfday! *Squishy hugs* Belated, but happy one anyhooo! :)
sorry it was that kind of a weekend, i hope the week is going better. *hugs*