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sg1 poke

Dorothy Gail Has a Live Journal!

</a>dorothygail has a live journal! She wants to learn about how it works. So friend her so she has all this wonderful Farscape, Serenity, FireFly, TV Show, Literature, Politics, Art, and Society stuff to read.
I just got the crap beaten out of me professionally and am down in the dumps. I do a web site for two women who are friends and in business not knowing that they hadn't really figured out what they want to sell on their store. One tells me one thing to do and the other emails me that she wants creative control even though she wouldn't know a logo if it bit her on the butt. I get a call last night that C wants to do the site herself because she has taken 1 web design course. What would it cost for me to opt out? Sigh. So I opted out. good luck to them!

So, in this world, experience doesn't count.

So, I'm sitting here taking the day off and fooling around on the web. So, let's welcome dorothygail, who is a lot of fun in her own right.
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ack, sorry about the work stuff. sending you good thoughts. *hugs*
I friended her. :) What ^they said about the job sitch. :(
Meh. Jobs suck. We need to be Vivians. Then we have b****es to do our bidding. And cute charming ones too.

So yeah. Glad you took the day off!! You deserve it.

And DG said she's gonna call me and get it all figured out after her hubby leaves and she's watched a certain movie. *cough*
Will she be up for computing after watching that certain movie???? I would think she would need to take a cold shower.

Yeah, Vivian, we all need Vivians. Sigh.

TGIF!!! Oh, Twitchie as a wonderful layout now!! All she needs is a masthead. hmmm. Gotta remedy that.
LOL! Well, hearing that sort of...sigh of disappointment in your voice whenever my colors came up made me play for the majority of the afternoon. Too much work, not enough play. Wait. Was that right?

And the movie? I don't know. But hallway sex will be better I'm sure. LOL!