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sg1 poke

I feel creative tonight

I was watching "Help!" the 1965 Beatles movie with the girls tonight and I had totally forgotten how cute those guys were. That is a very silly British movie. Only the Brits (Richard Lester) would get away with Leo McKern saying "Silly Boys" or "Nasty Bits". It is good to introduce the music to my kids and the movie is really funny, stupid but funny.

Here's another snippet to Come To Me.

Bialar Crais lay back on the platform bed, his arms raised behind his head. He sighed and looked over at his partner as she lay staring at the red, white, and black seal that reflected from the floor on to the mirrored ceiling of the chamber. Mele-On Grayza's pale skin shown with the exertion of their recent lovemaking. She absentmindedly rubbed her fingers over the area between her exposed breasts and reached over and lightly brushed Crais' lips with the resulting oily aphrodisiac. Crais turned languidly towards his lover and looked questioningly at her. His eyes were glassy as he reached for her. Grayza held him at a distance with her outstreached arm, whispering, "Bialar, tell me more about Tauvo and how he died."

Crais shook his head in frustration because his need was growing uncontrollable, yet he felt compelled to answer. He hoarsely replied, "Tauvo was killed by that frelling bartic alien, Crichton three cycles ago. I have not given up hope of recovering him dead or alive. He will pay for his crime." Crais made another try at biting Grayza's neck, but she turned him away with a punch to his shoulder.

"Tell me why you disobeyed orders from High Command and continued to chase the Leviathan even after it was reported that the alien had killed Scorpius and escaped with the traitor, Aeryn Sun."

"No, not now, Mele-on. I-I need you," Crais buried his face in Grayza's chest, thereby breathing in more of the Heppel Oil. Grayza smiled in delight at his easy captivity, but quickly hid her response in a feigned gasp and groan, arching her back in mock escasy.

"Please, Bialar, I want to know everything. Tell me and we can continue."

"We are following a padock beacon we hid on the Leviathan. We know that it will eventually lead us to the traitor and the alien. Then, I will have my revenge. Now come to me. I want...need...have to..."

"Is that why you killed Leiutenant Teeg? Did she discover the direct order from High Command," Grayza whispered as she licked the Captain's brow and nibbled her teeth down his nose.

"How did you discover this? No one knew, not even Braca!" Crais raised his head in startlement, all thought of recreating forgotten.

"I have my ways," Grayza stated as she again brushed Crais' face with her poisonous and alluring magic oil. Crais' eyes again lost their focus as he reached for her face and brutally thrust his tounge in her mouth, sucking her breath away. Grayza allowed this violation for a short time, and then pushed his head down lower to focus his efforts on more erogenous zones. She fiercely whispered to the air, "Now I know your secret and you and I can do business together. You will service my needs well."

"Anything you want. Anything you need. I trust you, Mele-on," Bialar growled as his lips traced a path down Grayza's torso.

"Good, then," she stated, "Then we will follow where the beacon leads us. I have a need for the wormhole information residing in Crichton's brain. When I am done with him and he gives me the tools I need to bargain with the Scarrens, you may have him for your revenge." Grayza let Bialar have his way. She had found her orgasm in the thought of how easy it was to subdue men and use their weaknesses for her own needs.


Okay...that was nastier than I imagined, but in my mind I thought Crais would actually dominate Grayza a bit.

Very good a providing suffient willies with this girl!!
I needed to set up a situation where Crais was hoodwinked. He'll get the best of her soon.Grayza cheated.