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Calling All Graphics Folks

Calling all graphics folks. I am challenging you to create 100 Ben Browder icons from any of his characters and projects. There is so much talent out there and so little Ben. Let's let the creative juices flow. I'll submit them to the various icon live journals, but I desperately want product and I am not secure enough in my own skills. You guys are so unique -- each Photoshop guru has such different styles. Go ahead and register on browderondemand and post your teasers and final versions there.

So, the challenge is: create 100 Ben icons of Ben angsting or happy from any of his projects--be it Party of Five, Stargate, A Killer Withn, Farscape, and so on. Doesn't matter. Text or no text. The Ben Browder Portal's Gallery pages are available for your use. There are over 400 screen caps by leviathan. Post the results by October 31.

In the words of dorothygail: More Ben... give me more Ben


I'm not that great at graphics but I am proud of that icon there, and I smile when I see others using it too. :D
You have to do more--I love that icon too.
If that would be yer icon there, I'd say yer derned good at graphics.

(And why I just posted in Old Westese...I don't know, but it was sorta fun.)
Yep, that one is, IMHO, one of the best that I made for an 100icons challenge I did over the summer; I chose to do 100 icons of Aeryn, and of course John snuck in to some of them. :D

And why I just posted in Old Westese...I don't know

It's the Serenity love. hee!
It's the Serenity love. hee!

I guess you really can't stop the signal....