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sg1 poke

Shoe shopping, wet day, and quizes

Daughter number two got to school with a cold, stepped in a puddle and called me to run up with a pair of shoes and socks and her ball of cat hair (she collects cat hair--don't ask). Daughter number one informed me this morning that she broke her only pair of shoes and needed new ones. So, off we went to Nordstroms and purchased two pair of shoes for her, manga at a book store (Ranma 1/2) and found Daughter two a new pair on sale. There goes the funds... sigh. But I liked the shoes.

Client is an idiot. Are all clients idiots? They pay me off because they think one web course makes them able to build a store online. Then she goes and changes the id and password to the host site where the other web store I'm building for them still exists. So I can't get in (not that I need to very often). I ask my person on the team if anybody changed the ID and password and he accused me of doing it. I figured out it was C and emailed everyone to get me the information so I can access the host. My guy then accuses me of not working hard enough on his web site because I haven't realized the password changed for 3 weeks (this is not the password to the FTP but rather the control panel). GRRRR. And I'm doing this sucker below cost and he accuses me of not working hard enough???? Makes me not want to work hard.

So, I'm taking some quizes.

Quiz 1: Kanji Word (I liked this one)


What Kanji word best suits you?
brought to you by Quizilla


Oh, my 11 year old is a born scientist--she would also protect earth worms if I let her. I never know what I am going to find in the freezer. She is trying to make the world's largest ball of cat hair. Our cats don't seem to mind being brushed, so... it just so grosses me out.

Ah, I did hit you with a drabble from hell--but I think you are up for it. Your English is amazing. You can do it--get into poor John's mind at that point where he is all screwed up and nobody believes him when he says a Scarren did it. Or do they believe and are too afraid that he is finally cracking up. Then there is Harvey. I love Harvey.

I am an evil plot bunny--I have a reputation to defend. Just ask Twitchie, Kazbaby, or Cathy1967.

I look forward to your efforts.
"I am an evil plot bunny--I have a reputation to defend. Just ask Twitchie, Kazbaby, or Cathy1967."

Or me, though I think she went pretty easy on me at first (just the occasional demand to change this or that or show more of John in trouble/pain -- she really likes that).