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sg1 poke

Kaz has a fan fic cult!

Welcome to the kazbaby FanFiction cult. Fall out: cathy1967, PhiPhi, neuroscpr, tcpike, redheaded_pk, and o2difor. We all are wearing our black leather hats and ray bans and reading hurt/comfort Johnny fan fiction.

Kaz says our hats look like Kidrock's so here's his picture. Not knowing who this guy is makes me laugh. I am soooo old.


I can't believe how good friends there are on the Kansas board. It makes my birthday seem so much better. Thanks guys.

Tomorrow is Yom Kippur and I dread it as usual. Long, long day of soul searching. Well, it is good for us to look inside once and awhile.


Like I told you...I shall teach you Rita, just do a search for Kidrock videos and you'll see what he's like. Don't let him scare you...lol
Why are rockers so funny looking--often their music is great but I can't get beyond their looks. lol

I'll do the search, Kaz because I love to learn new things and be challenged. Now take care of 2 Johns so us culters have something new to read.

Kazbaby's cult???

Oh, where do I sign up? Is there a secret handshake to go along with the hat?

All hail Kaz...queen of angst...

Glad you had a good birthday, ixchup.