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sg1 poke

The My Favorite Things Meme

Having just been tagged by twitchie, I join in the fun of the My Favorite Things Meme and it does make me happy to think on this...

1. My husband and daughers
2. Discovering a new book by a favorite author
3. Learning something new in one of my interests: Mayans, King Arthur, ancient history, Judaics, religion, etc.
4. Talking to local or distant good friends deeply or about silly things for a good laugh
5. Hearing a new music or discovering a new artist
6. Watching Farscape, FireFly, SGA, and any other newly discovered TV show and sharing it
7. A cup of Earl Grey tea with honey and milk and a warm comforter with a good book
8. The smell of fall on a crisp sunny day
9. Completing a job and liking the results
10. Discovering I've lost weight

ummm, coming late to the table, it is difficult to tag folks, but... dekotaskye you're it.
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yay for favorite things! what a lovely list. :)

A gift

OMG That is just AMAZING. What a beautiful gift. A drabble just for me. Now I have to think of a gifty for you back. {{{{{{{my drabble}}}}}}} and {{{{{{monanotlisa}}}}}}
2. Discovering a new book by a favorite author

If you can find them, try the Sector General series by James White. He's an English author, who wrote this marvelous series about a hospital in space. So far, I've only found:
Hospital Station
Star Surgeon
Major Operation
The Galactic Gourmet

There are, at least 8 more books. In fact, I'm always on the lookout for any other works by Mr. White.
I love James White! I also am very fond of another doctor in space book called Healer that I read over and over again--comfort reading.
You are the first person I've ever found who reads the James White books! I will try to find Healer. Who writes it?

James White has a Sector General book called Star Healer, but I have never been able to get a copy. Can you recommend any other James White books? I do know he even wrote an Earth: Final Conflict book for Tor. I believe he has passed away now.
I haven't read many James White but what I read I loved. Healer is by F. Paul Wilson and is a strange book about a symbiotic relationship between and alien and a doctor.

Check out alibris James White they have 91 titles. this is the largest used book store on the web. They will do searches too so if you are looking for a particular book they can find it.
Is Healer a series of stories? I will give it a try, copies don't seem to be too expensive. Thanks for the tip.
OMG!!!! More Sector General books! I'm goin' shoppin'!!!!!!

Thanks, Ix...you're a peach!