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sg1 poke

this is interesting

I snurched this quiz from cretkid and the result doesn't surprise me but it is humbling.

"Book" Smart

You are what people might call 'book smart.' What's meant by this is that you have a high degree of learned, theoretical intelligence. Pretty much, you've acquired your smarts through education, and you work best with theoretical or conceptual thought.

20% theoretical intelligence
60% learned intelligence

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I'm having my usual guilts before a trip--but Burbank Con is my vacation damn it!


I'm unsure if this is good news or just plain vanilla. Hey, wait a minute, vanilla is my favorite :)

All-Around Smart

You are all-around smart. Essentially, that means that you are a good combination of your own knowledge and experience, along with having learned through instruction - and you are equally as good with theoretical things as you are with real-world, applied things. You have a well-rounded brain.

40% applied intelligence
0% learned intelligence

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Nope, more redish blue. Vanilla is where I am. I never considered myself just book smart, but then, I guess I am. You do seem all around smart. Must be those crossword puzzles.
YAYAYAY ixie! I didn't realize you were going to Burbank, too!! Or else I forgot, either way! BWAH! We'll have to meet up! w00t for scapers!
Defnitely! I'm staying with LAScaper at the Hilton. I'll be in late Thursday night.
Yay! We're staying at the Hilton, too. LiLO, Ayu, hw, vs and I! We arrive Thursday afternoon and we're leaving Monday morning.
Neat, I've wanted to meet all you guys. I'll be in at about 9:30 pm if the shuttle from LAX is on time. I'm leaving Sunday night on the red eye at 11 pm. Gaaah. Loooonnnnng flight back.
Hahaha! You don't know what you're in for! LOL We're quite a group, that's for sure! :D

PS-PM me at TF if you want and I'll send you my cell so we can meet up easier! :D
Be sure to bring back plenty of photos. I just know you will have a great time. If you take your laptop, you could keep us all posted through your LJ...that would be extra nice.
Ah, Christi, I didn't think you cared about Farscape any more (or at least a certain character actor who will remain nameless). I'm definitely taking lots of photos. I don't own a laptop, but LAScaper has hers and I'll definitely keep you guys informed. We're doing it through The Portal, but I know I'll post on my lj as well. There is too much excitement. I haven't been away from home by myself in a couple of years. I really am nervous and yet can't wait. I need the break to have fun for the sake of fun.

Not so much the Farscape thing, but I know it will be a fun experience. (although it will be a long time before another scifi TV show can take it's place with me...once a 'scaper, and all that)

I'm absolutely certain YOU will have a wonderful time. It will be a lot of giggles and should be a real hoot!

You go and have the time of your life...tell everyone I said "Hi" and don't leave out a word. Two years? You deserve it :)