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sg1 poke

Have a wonderful weekend!

I want to wish twitchie all the best on her Austin weekend. dorothygail, please have a great time too. I am so proud of all your hard work and I'm sure it'll pay off in spades. You try to enjoy yourselves and think of me in Burbank as I am with you in spirit in Austin, TX.

I am so impressed at your ability at marketing, twitchie. I can see only good things happening. Hopefully Mr. Rat will leave you in peace and you'll have a great weekend. You deserve it. Have a drink at Maggie Mae's on me.


i hope you have a great time in burbank, *hugs*
Wow! All my buddies are out having a great time in interesting places, surrounded by stars. Happy for them, sad for me :(

You all have a great time...hoist a little drinkski for me!