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sg1 poke

Scaperred joins the Kaz Cult!

All Hail the Kaz Cult. Welcome scaperred! You shall be a general, since you guide our precious cargo to port with your beta talents. Yes, there is a secret handshake but I haven't decided what it is yet and it wouldn't be a secret if I let it out here.

I'm trying muses on for size and want to write Farscape fanfic but am at a loss for what I am able to write. Have to check with the bunnies.

I get to go and get Volume 3.5 today--Suncoast called last night that it was in. Yippee.


Mmmm ... Cult of Personality, tastes like chicken... will we recognise you by your hats, or is there a more Illuminati approach? :D

Lovely avatar and I hope your muses fit ;)

Write, write, write...

Never question your talents, baby. Just write. You are able, capable and needed. Hollywood is turning towards cartoons to find new movie ideas. That must mean they can't find any good stories any more. And here we are, writing ourselves silly.

You are talented, so write. You'll find out what you can do when you do it. And that's the only way to do it. :) Am I making sense here? I hope so. :D

Where are you? I miss you. :(

Fly safe,
Oh good lord, why did I ever tell you what mudd said. LOL

And do not make me come up there after you girl, you have some damn good story ideas. Screw what anybody says and write for yourself. Just sit down and put down what is in your head, that's all any of us do. *kiss*

Just do it!

Grab an idea, smack it around a little, and rack it out. After all, getting there is more than half the fun.

A general??? Well, I am generally nuts, anyway! As for the secret handshake, there's always the special Farscape greeting--one significant finger extended.

Be careful if you borrow Kaz's plot bunnies... eek!