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universal whiping boy

feeling more better

I'm feeling more human and real. I've lost about 6 lbs and maybe that progress has helped my mood. the addition of help from my dr. hasn't hurt.

I'm still frustrated by the lack of work. People in small businesses aren't willing to pay for a web site yet want one. I come so close. I've looked at pricing for five to 10 page sites and my pricing is within the ballpart. Hubby says I am targeting sole proprietors and very very small places where I should aim for slightly larger businesses who understand the cost of doing business. I don't know how to market to these guys AND they seem to demand capabilities, such as Flash and raw HTML editing that I barely have. Storefronts seem very lucritive along with turnkey sites but those who don't have a web presence are terrified of the Internet. I have to overcome their resistance. Very tough. I have applied for full time work to no avail. I have revised my resume over and over again and written unique cover letters. I guess I don't have the "real" credentials that companies "Inside the beltway" look for.

So I sit playing around and doing pro bono work. I don't mind except I really need the money and the feeling of fulfillment that comes from working.

Ice storm today with yechy snow. Kids are out of school (of course). Long long day ahead.

A shout out to those who have been nudging me (marcelb). Thanks! it is helping.
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Hey ixie, maybe you could chat with tiedyed_nerd, she does that kind of thing freelance as well (I think). Anyway I'm sure she'd be glad to give some pointers (especially since you don't live anywhere near each other to be a real competition! haha).
Maybe you could do a kind of promotion? Like, Try it for two months at a discount, and raise to full price after they realize how much more business they can do?
that's interesting concept. I have sent out 325 post cards to local businesses with a discount pre-designed web template plan and got zip takers. but a promotion might work. I'm thinking of re-doing my site to make it more entrepreneurial. I like this a lot. thanks!
Yup, you're in a difficult position. Small business means small budgets. Link that to people who have zero insight in web sites (both how they can help a business as well as the amount of work it takes to get one running smoothly) and you have a problem selling your services.

My brother was on the opposite side when it came to things he wanted (he writes games for cell phones). The pricing for a few seconds during tune was just to high in the beginning, especially since he had no idea if he could actually make enough money. He's doing a lot better now.

I'm glad the dieting is going well. Keep it up. How much do you want to lose and by when should you have lost it?
I know, Marcel. Half the battle is showing customers the difference between a well-built site and dren.

I can't say in public how much weight I want to loose and slow but sure is more successful than setting a date. One day at a time is my motto.
I can't say in public how much weight I want to loose
Then whisper it into my, uhm, mailbox.

slow but sure is more successful than setting a date
True, but you did mention you wanted to lose it before your next operation.
Nothing constructive to offer except good vibes. (((ix)))
{{{hugs}}} sending you good thoughts. i hope the work situation improves, and that you'll be gentle with yourself about the whole thing. snowing here too by the way. ;)
Congrats on the 1st 6 lbs!!!!! Just remember to use visualization technique, it really has helped me. When I look in the mirrror, I concentrate on how I would look just a bit thinner. It helps keep your focus, determination and a positive outlook.

I used to run my own little graphic arts business...before computers, doing it all with pen, ink & pencil...by hand! Lived in a small town with nothing but little businesses. It was a tough sale to small, small business budgets to pay me to design the artwork for their business cards, letterhead, envelopes, invoices, etc. But once you can land one or two, the word-of-mouth from a small business owner or two really will begin to spread.

Good luck!
It's so good to hear about the weight lost. Six pounds is a great start. I went to the doctor after some....well some time. The doctor told me to loose weight. Ok, I started out watching what I eat how much I eat, and you know the whole thing. What happens I gaine. Yeah it always happen to me when I start a diet.

Keep at it, jirlfriend, you can do it.