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Beware of Dog

Because Kazbaby did it...

It is scary how acurately snarky those questions were.

Which annoying fan are you?

brought to you by Quizilla


I'm an oldbie too. Which question do you think put us over??? LOL!
It may have been the "Disagree with me?" one :)

I got Oldbie, too.
I think you guys are right--or the ones where I couldn't find an answer I liked other than--awww everybody just be nice!
I'm an oldbie like you. Yeah you're right we are a like. (Be scared be very scared when you say that.) LOL.
All us old guys gotta stick together, right?
Old? WHO said WE were Old? Sticking together like glue is a must.
Hey! Who you callin' "old?"

Oh, yeah...me :(

I prefer "experienced." :)