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sg1 poke

Call me a copy cat...

Snurched from everyone on my flist. Cute little meme

Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

We watched The Producers tonight and I had forgotten just how amazingly awesomely silly it was. I adore Gene Wilder. Slightly dated, but oh can that man do hysterics.
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Aaawww, there are Farscape Icons everywhere *hee* ;)
Awww. I love all these icons--exactly the ones I would have picked. Farscape is Love.
It certainly is :)
sweet, and pretty icons.

as for gene wilder. heh. he can attain an octave unknown to human kind when in full rant. i do love him. :)
I love that film...Gene Wilder is wonderful!

I tried the ____ is Love...didn't like how mine looked. But yours looks so good.

Finally, watched BSG last night...I suppose I will be joining the rest of you on Friday night now. Told Twichie, everytime I see EJO on the screen, I flashback to the Miami Vice ep which begun with him walking out of the surf in a speedo. Some images just stick :)
I just can't tolerate the darkness of BSG. There doesn't seem to be any light except the hot actors--Jamie Bamer (sp?) especially. Sigh. I watch now for Ben Browder's and Michael Shanks' performance in SG-1 (silly writing on that show) and Stargate Atlantis (which is shear popcorn). Don't certain visions stick? I remember that Miami Vice picture too. Very indelible.
Were you a Miami Vice fan? I must admit I was. I'm always surprised when I watch a rerun and seem to remember so much of the ep.

I'll credit that show with one true thing...they were masters of at least one powerful image per ep. The closing, slow-motion shootout (set to the Robert Palmer song, "Biko") in the ep with William Russ...Evan...was my favorite.
I think dark and desperate stories can't help being written dark...punctuated with the occassional moments of comic relief. I hope there are some of those moments in BSG.