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You know I had to take this quiz

Snurched from catherinebruce

I am nerdier than 43% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Please leave a one-word comment that you think best describes me. It can only be one word. No more.

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I think I got a mild nerd score because I’m on a macintosh and am not a science geek but a history/anthropology geek. Different mentality same weirdness.


Life here is stressful at the moment since we are in the beginning of finals. I have a question for all you teachers out there: is school, and especially high school and middle school different than it was 30 years ago? Is there more pressure or is it faster paced? Is there more to learn or is it that there is less wiggle room for those who learn differently? Can we blame this rigidity on NCLB?

My younger daughter was diagnosed as GT/LD and I’m now seeking accommodations and was told that the county is cracking down and probably will not allow a 504 plan for such a student. All we want is more time on tests and notes from class. I’m already frustrated but will fight the good fight again.

So, anyone who can give me a clue what is going on in schools today, please comment.


heh, you know i can't describe you in one word: "remarkable human spirit".

and i hope the finals go well, keep up the good fight. *hugs*
Jen, it takes one to know one. Hug 3
aww, thank you sweetie! *smoochy hug*

and cute animated thingy. :)
One word? How 'bout a short phrase>

Stronger than you know :)
awww. you too, my dear, you too. in spades.Hug
Yup, you're right on all of the above. The pressure is greater, the scope of material deeper, and the stakes are higher for all involved. And a lot of the pressure has been brought to bear by NCLB and the over emphasis on standardized testing.

On the 504 issue--in California, the accommodations have to be followed, and the 504 plan itself is supposed to be developed at an annual meeting/contact, similar to (but not as regulated as) an IEP. If I were you, ix, I'd go find me an advocate with very large fangs to sink into the behemoth behind of the county schools. A good organization here is Exceptional Parents Unlimited. Also, if I were you, I'd check the county's web site regarding the policy on spec ed/504--not that anyone might be lying to you. Nope. They wouldn't ever do that.
I was hoping you would answer. thanks for the info regarding the schools. That was what I thought--NCLB has sort of backfired in my view because kids are not getting taught how to read if they can't--we're just penalizing the schools and teachers. The funds aren't there to support the amount of work that is needed.

And, yup, I'm getting an advocate with fangs. I'm tired of this constant fight--six years on and I have to keep repeating myself. I have gotten an add coach for older daughter, now younger needs support. sigh.

I'm reading your posts and dispairing at how hard you work and the crosses you bear in supporting your special ed students. {{{scaperred}}}}
thanks, and shoot me an email if I can help. I hate it when the system IGNORES the ones it should be serving.

I replied to your message, but got something from "spamarrest" in return. Hesitant to click on what it says just in case, though I assume it was from you.

Long story short, I'd overlooked your absentee elf due to worrying after folk who'd not recieved any teaser gifts. I emailed the elf again to check up on her since in jan she'd led me to believe that the delay would be very short.

I'm on top of it now, thanks for letting me know.