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sg1 poke

A mild artistic rant coming on

I went for my interview today and I think it went mildly well--although I'm overqualified. I really would love to deal with multicultural things again and things anthropological. Working at helping international exchange programs peaks my interest. So, I'll have to wait and see if I made a good impression. The gal i'll be working for is very very hard to read and difficult to talk to--very governmental. that worries me.

My rant is about this new fangled way of doing web sites where the software (typically cold fusion) generates HTML on the fly. The end result is really really ugly and destroys the ability to generate aesthetic sites. Of course the aim is to control the content of a site and centralize the management of templates, style sheets and all. Thus, it is up to the webmaster (who is working with programs and databases and not graphics) to ensure that the site is usable and bearable to read. I saw the site I'd be working on and I gagged inside--that stupid, mind-blowing, Microsoft blue that fries your eyeballs was the background and the san serif text was navy blue. There were no buttons, navigation was minimal to text rollovers, and even bulleted text was missing. Now, granted the site was constructed to be fast and lean so that it would download on low bandwidth computers. There are ways to construct navigation tools such as bars, banners, and such to make them lean and mean and still enable easier navigation than just bald links. I asked the woman whether they intended to change the site to make it more aesthetically pleasing, and she looked at me like I was from mars. I think the graphic/commercial art and theory of design is going to be lost in this new concept of dynamic HTML and data-driven web sites.

it doesn't have to be, the templates can be constructed just as richly to serve navigation and aesthetics on cold fusion or Lotus Domino, it is just that programmers are in charge rather than graphics people. I predict you'll see dryer and more boring web sites in the future.

I did get called by my other client tonight--now he is a graphics person who wants me to put his art on the web. This is fun.