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bad day

I'm having a bad month

I got fired from a contract yesterday for overdoing my job. I do that a lot. I see what I think is a way to organize things better or make things more efficient based on the software (in this case Dreamweaver), tell folks I’m going to do this. They nod yes but don’t really understand when I tell them that I’m creating a cascading style sheet, making a template and pulling all the graphics into a single file with subfiles for categories and putting the web pages in their own directory so that folks can find things more rationally. Then I go and do the thing and boom boss is furious. In this case, the intranet server was grossly different from the local hard disk version of the site and it would take much fiddling to make the two identical. What I was striving for was to make the synchronization of the site easier. I meant well. I suspect that the manager did not know Dreamweaver as well as I do since she admitted that she never uses Fireworks and was still using image maps rather than rollovers to create graphic links to words. I also have a habit of suggesting better ways to do things, such as updating these intranet pages with Contribute 3, thus letting the users update their own pages that are templated and thus locked except for the areas that need updating. It is faster and easier. I have clients doing that with great success. I should shut up.

I should just remember to do my job--which in this case was updating pages by copying and pasting word or pdf text into a copied version of a previous file. I was overqualified. And I admit it, bored.

My hubby suggested that I shouldn’t work on existing sites because I always see better ways to do things than the existing way (typically newbies create pages and images willy nilly and over and over again without style sheets or templates). I should concentrate on those jobs that give me the ability to start from scratch and organize the sites with documentation so that they start out rational. I sound very arrogant here, but really, I just follow Macromedia/Adobe’s guidelines). I have no problem taking orders or using and following guidelines or making changes. I just have a great deal of difficulty not fixing stuff. Aesthetics bother me as well. Sigh. So, should I go back to book writing or continue as a web designer? Or, should I keep trying for the allusive web content manager--a sort of Web Editor position?

What also bums me out is that the supervisor where I was working didn’t have the guts to tell me about her unhappiness, she had the staffing place tell me to go home due to computer problems. I pushed the issue and got the truth out of the supervisor. I need feedback, good or bad. The woman didn’t even say goodbye. I had to leave immediately. Luckily, the staffing company is admitting that I was overqualified and taking responsibility for finding me a better fit. I hope.

So much for my ego. I’m very down in the dumps. Hubby is still searching for his next career and unemployed and here I sit. Taking up space.
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Oh man...I'm sorry :/
That sucks.
thanks. I know. Now I just have to make lemonade out of the lemons.
aww ixi, I'm sorry. That's terrible. I have another friend who didn't get fired but got reprimanded for doing the same thing.

Sorry to hear about your troubles ixchup. I have the same problem, that's why I hate working on existing sites b/c I want to change something too. It's hard to resist to make things *the way they're supposed to be*.

*hugs* You and your husband will find something soon.
hey! you're the friend I was talking about in my post. haha :)
I figured... :)
It is good to know I'm not alone in my pathology. Thanks for the support. Hope things work out for you too.


Yep, being overqualified is always going to be a problem, no matter what line of work.

Yes, it is important to do the job, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't suggest better ways. The problem with that is, that you're usually dealing with manager who have no frelling idea what you're talking about. They either say yes because they believe you and then later start to sputter when they find out the change also means a change in their work flow, or they say no because 'things work fine now, don't they?'

So, key is to actually start a dialog (before you begin the changing, not now) and point out what is actually going to change for them, pointing out the benefits and not hiding any potential issues. This easier said than done, I admit. I'm not good at that either.

Starting from scratch, of course, is infinitely easier, but the same principle applies here too: point out beforehand what is going to happen and how it will affect the way they do business.

I hope you informed the staffing company about the supervisor having lied about the reason. Over here, at least, a staffing company will certainly talk that over with them and if it happens more in the future, they may even stop doing business.

Taking up space.
Yes, but less and less space every day, right?

Marcel, yes, the best way is to get the attention of the manager and get them to support that there is a better way of doing something rather than status quo before it bites them in the ass--which it does when the site gets too big. That takes credibility and communication. I understand and try to learn this.

Yup, I am back on the wagon and taking up hopefully less space.

I'm sorry things look so depressing now.

Still, I've gotta believe that you're better off being overqualified than underqualified. Just be sure to remember when to rein yourself in, and when it's OK to run on turbo.
I like that allusion--sometimes it does feel like spinning wheels and downshifting and other times like running on turbo. Thanks.
i'm sorry about the contract. *hugs* it sounds like the staffing company is catching a clue about your skill level. i hope that the next placement is a better fit. *more hugs* and i wish i had better and more useful words.
Aww! :( I'm sorry you were fired (but a part of me wonders what its like to be overaualified for something). *Big hugs*
hey, CB, did you get my comment with the information about modifying WordPress? Do you need any help?

thanks for the hugs!
Ah yes! I did indeedy get it. I hadn'[t played with WordPress yesterday, so I'll be sure to check out the site you pointed me to tonight. Thankee! And I think I'll need help, because script scares me! (My LJ was such a pain in the heiny, and it had been prewritten. I just went into that and changed a couple things.)

The HTML editor, I have (and will one day learn how to use by golly!) Macromedia... things... that my scripts open up in.
I am so sorry to hear about this! On the plus side, it's good to be too talented, it really is, so don't let it get you down. Hope the agency comes up with something very quickly.
Sorry to hear that, this is really not your year :/
*sends Mr. Jingles in to bring the WORLD OF PAIN*

You're just too awesome for the mundane beings that dwell in this world.

::hugs your awesome, organizing mind::

I'd probably have done the same. I'm constantly at other people's computers and saying "hey, you wanna I should fix this mess?"
YES--Mr. Jingles 'll get' em...

That's me too--just got to pick the right person and time. Even at my advanced age I'm still learning.

Hugs you and Mr. Jingles tightly.
*hugs you more tightly*

Dear R, sorry it has taken me so long to comment. It's their loss...after working in government, I know change is slow and no one really wants it (or at least wants to bother with it).

I understand about being "overqualified," sometimes I feel the bar is set so low here, I can't help but trip over it.

You keep at it, though! You have many, many talents and gifts to offer...someone will be lucky to get you on their team.

Next time, though...work in the system they have for about 3-4 months before suggesting improvements :) Let them get to know you and see your work ethic and skill...you also benefit from this little courtship period. It will be a whole different story next time.

{{{{{{hugs}}}}} to you, lovely R!
I heard you were up to your ears in cassarole (15 lb one!) so I can understand your lateness. Hope things went well on Friday.

I think my problem is that I just can't conceive that folks don't want to make things more efficient if it doesn't harm anything--but then my concept of harm and theirs are different. I figured if they didn't like what I had done to four pages out of hundreds, by the way, they could just turn off the template. But, I didn't realize that when B said she knew dreamweaver she didn't really. Sigh. I won't assume in the future.

Thanks for the words of advice, oh wise sage. I appreciate them.
Yeah, it was a Chicken Enchilada Casserole...one of my specialties. Perfect for the silly little potluck lunches at work, funerals, etc. :) Must admit, I was very proud they ate every shred of it :) Got more than a few requests for the recipe.

I'm really not one to mingle with co-workers, though. I keep pretty much to myself. I can honestly say, in my 7 yrs. there, I've never gone to lunch with a group of the "girls." I know everyone and get along very well, but I do not want to get too close with people I'm paid to hang out with cordially.

Anytime I have tried to streamline and update the Page Program at work, it has been met with more than a little resistance...I can assure you. Many of the other LAs are incapable of little more than turning on/off their computers and firing up WordPerfect. Can you imagine the 5-alarm it sent up in the ranks when I changed the Page Information Form to an Excel document. LOL! I've been doing this long enough, I just made them "suck it up" and use the new form. That was in 2004 and there are still women who can't quite "get it." :)

Mediocrity is a tough ocean to swim in, but on the other hand, it's easy to shine like an Olympic athlete in that ocean :)

You'll find something better, I have faith :) BTW, wise sage is hardly accurate...experienced ol' woman is a little closer to the mark :)


Having a bad month?

Month's over. Have a new one. Talk with you soon. Merida

Re: Having a bad month?

you are right and I'm feeling better. see you soon. I also want to thank you for picking me up literally and figuratively You are a wonderful friend. Hope d. is recovering well with no setbacks.