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Please send prayers

christiarc just informed me that twichie has just been rushed to the hospital emergency room with extreme stomach pains and shortness of breath. Please think good thoughts her way that everything will be alright.


Oh no! I hope she's alright. *sends good vibes*
Yeek, sending of the good thoughts!
Ruh-roh! [/scooby channeling]

Please keep us informed if you hear any news!
OMG! :( :( :( Will pray lots!

Keep us informed!
Keep us in the loop please! I hope everything is ok!!


Good vibes to Texas! I hope she's ok, please let us know when you hear anything.
Thank you all for your kind thoughts. christi is in contact with twich and she has conveyed them.

christi says that they are running tests (a cat scan, etc.) to figure out what is going on and that we'll post more information as soon as we know anything.

thanks ix, for keeping us posted!
Good thoughts and wishes to twichie. I hope this turns out to be nothing.
*chews on nails because of nothing new yet*

AOM and I are sending out the good vibes and hoping everything okay and that old saying of 'no news' is right.
Hi, twichie is home now and still in a lot of pain. The upshot was a burst ovarian cyst that she has suffered from before. She is going to see an OB/GYN of the non-military sort asap and get some relief. She sends her thanks for all your good thoughts.
This has been such a stressful day! What on earth would we do without our dear, sweet L? I was so relieved to know she was leaving the hospital and would be going home, this afternoon.

OK, we can all send her our get-well wishes :)