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ET Crap

This is a complaining entry, be warned

Both kids with the flu in a snow storm.

So we are snowed in with like a foot of the wet white stuff and both my girls have full blown flu with high temps, bronchial yuck and basically sick as dogs.

I’m cold and miserable from double nursing. Younger one is doing better but older one is in the worst part of this stuff. I wish there was more in my arsenal than motrin, teas, cool baths, and robitussen.

Have I said how much I hate winter?
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Uggh, that really does suck. I hope they start feeling better soon.
sending you good thoughts and many hugs to add to your arsenal. hope all are feeling better soon, and yup, snowing to beat the band up here too. meep.
I hope they get better soon, being sick during snow sucks all around. Keep warm, spring is just around the corner.
Awww, is that Luna from Sailor Moon? So appropriate as our younger cat is named for her.

Thanks guys, all will be well. Kids get better and snow melts. I'm just tired and grumpy.

So I watched Off The Grid again and smiled at leather and stupid plots.
I think it is, but I don't rightly remember. It was ages since I adopted that icon. :)

The main roads look nicely plowed, this snow shouldn't be effecting us for long. Shows with leather are always good for the soul.

Oh, and have a panda up a snowy tree.
Tai Shan looks so cute. We haven't yet been over to see him. Thanks for the peek.
Oh, no! Ick. My sympathies to the whole family and hopes that you don't get it next. :(
thanks. We've had our shots so hopefully if we do get the crud it won't be too bad. The girls are feeling better and the snow is melting. Streets are plowed. Now, school tomorrow? With the way our county works, probabably not. We'll see.
Blech! I know this doesn't compare, but it reminds me when all then five of my ferrets were sick at once with ECE, an instinal virus that requires vigilant, round the clock supportive care.

The snow doesn't help, does it?

I'm really sorry to hear the kids are so sick. I'm sending many healing vibes their (and your -- you're pooped!) way...
All three of mine had chicken pox at the same time...youngest was 8 months old. It was colder'n kraut outside and so I feel your pain.

Sometimes, while eternal, Spring seems very far from reach. Hugs for you, R!!!
Everyone on the road to recovery today? Hugs, R!

Boss came in today...sneezing, coughing, flushed and cranky...lucky me. He'll probably feel better by Thursday, when he goes back to the district...by that time I'LL have it.

well bummer. It is flu season by golly.

Nope, L has it really badly and is still running high fevers. Had her at the doctor's today to check for strep. Just really bad case of flu. So, the stress continues.

Here's hoping no one else in your or my family gets sick.
I always take a flu shot, so knock wood :) Mick never get the flu, even though he's never had a flu shot...go figure. Made Chris get one last year and this year...again, knock wood.

Mint tea is good for the tummy. Give her a little watered down over crushed ice.