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angel john

If twichie Says, I do...

So, I got tagged by this meme.

What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: potato chips I love salty and slightly greasy crunchy things
Literary: Hurt/Comfort or fantasy fiction I love it when the protagonist gets hurt and learns something. Fantasy or Arthurian is a plus
Audiovisual: Farscape Because it is Farscape!
Musical: Billy Joel or Al Stewart Folk Rock and music of the early 1970s--my teen years
Celebrity: Ben Browder Because of blue eyes, amazing arms, nose porn, and personality

Now I tag:-

dekotaskye cathy1967 jenlev unwritten_words and jagwriter78

to complete this same Quiz, Its HERE.


Ben Browder

Favorite celeb? Is that even a real question? Of course it's Ben!
heh...i'm so sleepy tonight that at first i read the part next musical as farscape. the immediate images that flashed through what's left of my brain made me fall off the couch laughing.

and yay for potato chips. :::resists craving them immediately:::

Oh bad bad bad Jen. Now you have done it to me--D'Argo in a tutu is not a pretty sight. And don't ask me about Zhaan in the La Traviata clown costume.
heh heh heh. i should *so* not be alone with these images. and john as bugs in the rabbit of seville? hmmm....would scorpius take the role of elmer fudd? *veg*
I love your icon...

Favorite celeb is of course Ben. He's such a beautiful human being, how can anyone not love him?
Also, the site is out of bandwidth, so no quiz for me.