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every planet

Good Morning All!

I am off to my first physical in two years and am terrified so I borrowed the haiku maker from jenlev of the great stories and here’s the result. Kinda interesting and prescient.

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:ixchup
Your haiku:judge where he could stop
and catch his breath she paused
at the front because
Created by Grahame

I’ve decided to go back to computer book writing and actually got two nibbles from former publishers. Cross your fingers that something bites. I supposed we should stick with stuff we are good at. I’ve been a complete failure at finding work as a web designer. The price structure is just too weird and the competition too diverse. Let’s see if I can jump back into the publishing biz. At least I know that world.


Holding my thumbs for you, that the physical goes well, and that the job thing is successful.

Yay for publishing! *huggles* You know you're good at whatever you put your hand to. It may be tough work, but you get it done and I'm proud of you.

And btw, C got her present today. We're going to BAB this weekend. It will be nice to do that with her before Daddy leaves. (He's going on two consecutive back to back trips...nice eh?)

*huggles again*
awww, you are good for me. **huggies back** Well, I try to be good at what I do, but as you well know, that sometimes doesn't count in the business world.

Yay for writing, indeed. We can compare notes, as usual. Thanks for your support, twich. It means a whole lot.

OOOOH, take a picture of what C makes. I'm sorry I couldn't afford a little something for the baby and S. Give them hugs for me. Darn, J off on two trips??? I definitely will call you to cheer you up (at least until Tuesday when you can call in the evening to cheer me up. *g*)
Good luck ixchup! I do web design on the side and it's pretty much hit or miss, people just don't want to pay anything.
You are so right. I do loads of freebies all the time but nobody wants to pay what it takes to do a good layout and design. So, back to writing for me.

Thanks for the luck wish.
I 'll read your book...even if the technical stuff is WAY over my head :)

I will keep the positive waves comin' your way :)
thank you, and wishing you well with the physical today.

also cool haiku! *hugs* and you are not a failure; i hope that the publishing opportunities pan out well. sending you good thoughts and more hugs. :)
Oo-oo! Yours is so cool! Here's mine:

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:Christiarc
Your haiku:goodness only knows
what it will all kick into
high gear and i'll be
Created by Grahame
Now that is so cool as a haiku for you, Ms. Energy Bunny. I love this thing.
The physical will go great or has gone great. You're good at whatever you set your mind too. You'll do great in a the new job or jobs...well you know what I mean.

In other words you're going to have one Frelling GREAT DAY.
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LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:Dekotaskye
Your haiku:god...my teacher was
your iq is your logical
intelligence is
Username:<input ... >
<input ... >
Created by Grahame<input ... >
very logical, DE is... I like your haiku.
DE, thanks. It did go alright and whatever is, is. Thanks for the vote of confidence. You are a great friend.