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step forward

Okay, possible good news for a change

Hubby just got called by a company and has an interview on Thursday. This is a contract position type thing which is perfect for him to get back into the swing of working life. He is excited about the possibilities, which is something. The commute sucks, but the work seems interesting. Cross fingers and toes that they are willing to overlook 4 blank years. I’m going to suggest using my situation as an excuse since D was managing family during some of that time. We’ll see.

So, life looks slightly better.


w00t! that's awesome! i hope he gets the job!!!

ps-i don't have your email addy. hehe mine is j l regener at gmail dot com. :)
Yay! Looks like your cosmic wheel is on the way up. :)
fingers are crossed!
That's good news! I'll keep you guys in my prayers. :)
Thank you everyone.
Toes, fingers, even eyes are crossed for you and hubby. *hugs you tightly*
Good luck to hubby.

I think it would be wise to use your situation as an excuse. Any gap longer than a few months decreases the chances considerably (I should know with my two year gap).

Depending on the line of work, anything to show he has 'kept up' with the industry is nice way to increase the chances. And being well prepared for all the 'though' questions. Does he know himself well enough (or at least can act like it during an interview) to express where he sees his career going, what his good points are (everyone seems to be able to list the bad points, but listing the good points keeps being awkward for most people; feels too much like bragging, or yout take some of your good qualities too much for granted).

Thanks for the good wishes. Yup, you hit the nail on the head--those are the topics he will be concentrating his strategy on in the next two days. He has kept up and gotten certified in Java and UML over the time period but it is a long period. He is not particularly people-oriented (engineering mind), but will do his best. You are right that those questions are truly difficult to answer. As are references in an industry where everyone moves around so much. We'll see what happens.
Did he participate in any open-source project? That could be a good reference, too.

Luck, of course, is also big part of the equation. An interviewer who knows much of the technical aspects would be easier to communicate with (and convince that hubby is the best choice of the job). That, unfortunately, is a pretty rare case, in my experience. And people skills are just the thing most engineer-type people lack. It's a cruel world....

Is this his first interview in four years? If so, it might be wise to set him up with someone and pratice interview with.

i hope it goes well, and that the commute isn't as awful as it looks to be. *Hugs*
Eyes close,fingers cross, toes cross and turning in circles (and this isn't easy with toes cross)mumbling. "Positive vibs...Positive vibs."
Yay! Go, Hubby! Go, Hubby! Go, Hubby!