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stargate boys

OMG I almost missed it!

Happy happy birthday to my friend jenlev. You deserve all the best in the coming year.

Thank you for your archeological discoveries, joyous silliness, and great heart! Life would be empty without you. Here’s the Grayza/Kolya tango for ya since I think Grayza would fit right in with the Genii.

I don’t have a golden pomegranate bottle to give you, but I am sending wishes for a great day.


thank you sweetie! you're such a delight, and it's been a pleasure to meet you hereabouts. best wishes are even better than golden pomegranate. *g*

i'm thinking of you today, and sending you good thoughts. *hugs*

and very good point about grayza..she'd have fun with the genii. but she'd end up having them for lunch. heh heh heh.
Happy Birthday from me, too!
thank you! *bg*