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some kind of hero

Happily Ever After by Sillwaters (T)

Pairing: John/Aeryn, Stark/Zhaan, John/DK friendship, John/Jack
Author on LJ: unknown
Author Website: unknown but archived on Fanfiction.net
Why this must be read:
This is an AU that posits that there was only one John and he left with Aeryn and Crais on Talyn. The story is almost a dream, a wish to live “Happily Ever After.” But who ini the Farscape universe ever actually gets what they want? I love this epic almost novella length story for the love the is embedded on almost every page. There is much angst, hurt/comfort, but John gets to bring Aeryn home and resolve many things with his family. The story was finished in early 2002 and so has some inconsistencies with “cannon.” Even so, it is well worth the read.
Happily Ever After 


I am an innocent and often very stupidly obtuse soul. What have I stepped in? I'm not sure I understand which "Pit of Voles." But then stepping in pits is my specialty. I just like the story. I suspect I'm an easy fanfiction reader.
Well, um. problem is some of the great old stuff is on FF.net. I have an archive of links to hurt/comfort fic and it is difficult to locate these older time authors anywhere else. So, yup, brave the pit I do. But then Layton Colton posts there too. So, you can find gems amongst all the silly fic. Sturgeon's law applies (99% of everything is crap).

I like that dictionary by the way. Thanks for the link!
Thanks for the rec. I also venture over to ff.net on occasion, but I doubt I would have seen this. I haven't read FS fic in ages *hangs head in shame*
It is funny. I am the Farscape recc person for this month for Crack_Van, a Live Journal Community for multiple fandom fanfiction. I accidentally kept my live journal when I published rather than actually selecting Crack_Van. So, there ya go. Glad to be of service. I'll try to cross-recc more when I can.
Thanks for the pointy sign to direct me back to some of the good oldies. Stillwaters has always been one of my favorites. When I am bored I usally travel over to Fanfiction to weed through some of the old stuff.