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okay, that makes somewhat weird sense...

I snurched this from christiarc and just have to ask what it is saying in binary anyway? Then again, I’m enough of a geek to remember the Star Trek Next Generation episode with the binarchs and poor Riker stuck on the holodeck with that gorgeous woman who went on to play the psychologist on Law and Order. So, binary suits me...

ixchup’s new nickname is:


’What is your new nickname?’ at QuizGalaxy.com

Still feeling under the weather from the haematoma. Am calling the oncologist tomorrow about it. Sorry to you guys who've emailed me and I haven't responded as I go up and down. I'll get back to you soonest. I am thinking about you fondly.

I did go to a business meeting in Baltimore today and there was a glass store that was closing and I got ceramic day lilies that are gorgeous as well as several other pieces at 70% off, including a blown glass tortoise with a marble-looking back. That was fun. Meeting went well, and a new web design is starting.
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i hope you're feeling better soon, and that you get good and useful news when you go to the doctor. *hugs*

and yay for the meeting going well.

ps. in my journal flist page your post appeared upside down. huh, lj appears to be getting ready to do strange things today. meep.
not only in your page, but in my page as well. When I see it in the email the binary digits are completely backwards... hmm is it gremlins?

Thanks for the support. I can always count on you.
that is strange....elves maybe?

and it's my pleasure. *hugs*
What do you think it might mean "backwards?"

Don't worry about your email...just get back to feeling good again. And you will.

I'll drop you an email or IM, from time to time. Glass lillies sound wonderful! I have a glass iris. Got it at the big Arts Festival in OKC a few years ago. I also got a couple of glass 'fridge magnets. Love glass :)
I adore art glass and have collected it for years. These are minature porcelain lilac-colored lilies. I put them in the 2-ft high art-glass blown blue with spirals of color vase and they are gorgeous. I am very happy with the results.

I'll drop you a line soon, okay.
*hugs you but not too tight*

feel better soon, ix.