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angel john

Jenner's Not A Cereal Box by ixchup (PG-13)

Pairing:  none
Author on LJ: ixchup
Author Website: Words To Web
Why this must be read:
I know it may be unusual to recc one’s own story, but I enjoyed writing this a lot and it got a wonderful reception, so I thought I would share it. The story was written in response to catherinebruce’s request for a hurt/comfort John fic where John gets sick. I had been reading The Smithsonian magazine about the destruction of the Mandan tribe on the Upper Missouri and it seemed to be a wonderful entry-way for a Farscape story. It then grew like topsy. Thank you to cathy1967 and marcelb for listening and suggestions as well as critiques as well as pushing me into finishing after my muses dried up. The title is a terrible pun (Bruce Jenner used to appear on Weaties cereal boxes, and Jenner is the discoverer of the small pox vaccine).
Jenner’s Not A Cereal Box 


Just so you know, you posted this rec to your personal journal and not the van. :)
I know. I pulled it off the '_van'.
Weird, then I missed it.
Like the first time and love on another read. Hmmmm. I forget I think my 4th no...maybe 5th read. Anywho I Like It..
thanks sweetie. I've been feeliing very down in the dumps about writing--rather out of the loop emotionally about fan fiction and my participation as a writer. I accidentally posted the story here and then got shot down on crack_van for hubris (my fault). So I appreciate your comment immensely.

I think I'm done writing as it is not in my blood as it is in yours. I'll stick to plot bunnies, which seem to hop around me all the time.

One of you Fan's

Ok, I am showing my stupidity but what is crack_van? They don't sound like a nice place to post on? You keep writing. I'm not that good. My grammar is bad, spelling just as bed and I sometime just cannot stir up the muddy waters, where my brain lives, to get a fresh idea. I write because I enjoy it, and if only one person likes it then great if no then so much on them. I have gotten flamed a few times but they are morons hiding behind a keyboard. You have a fan in me and a few others we know of.

Re: One of you Fan's

crack_van is a multi-fandom community where each month someone volunteers to recommend fic in their fandom. There are guidelines to fiction and most comes from the live journal community vs. the fandom community at large (and is more literary-oriented) than story-oriented. I broke many rules this past month in posting older stories.

All in all, it is an interesting group that I subscribe to in search of fiction to read. I gathered up my nerve and volunteered last month, but I'm not doing it again. I got flamed a few times for my choices and how I posted. I'm not good at rules. So, I'll just lurk.

DE, you write romance and children's stories better than most people I know. Thanks for the boost. I need it today.