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sg1 poke

Because I'm a lemming.

I am snurching this from christicarc and I find the results very interesting. I guess it is my purple phase.

Your Brain’s Pattern

Your brain is always looking for the connections in life.
You always amaze your friends by figuring out things first.
You’re also good at connecting people - and often play match maker.
You see the world in fluid, flexible terms. Nothing is black or white.


This is just what I'd expect for a super-smart woman like you :)
BTW, love the new look of your LJ. You people who change yours around so nicely, makes me feel so old and set in my ways :)

I won't even repaint the living room :)
you are just what I need tonight/today. Been a long slog through taxes, family stuff, and job search today. Thanks! By the way, I'm not super smart--or I don't feel like it today. All the the best to you!
You are super smart, super kind, super nice, super friendly, super ..... Well you get the idea. You just a super person to be around. *big smile on face*

Love the avitar. Wish I was smart enough to figure out to make then the right size on my computer. *Sigh* One date.
DE, takes one to know one.

I hooked up to a Doctor Who Icon community and found this fun Yoda/Who icon and fell in love with it. It is by purpleallison I believe (I'd have to check on my comments to be sure).

You make me feel better 'cause lately I don't feel super anything. Thanks.