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heroes bleed

Farscape fiction recs

I have to recommend two new Farscape stories by two of my favorite authors.

1. cathy1967 has begun a story that makes Steven King seem like an amateur at psychological terror. She had written a story called “Something Wicked This Way Comes, part 1” and Something Wicked, Part 2 as a birthday present for me but she and I have never been happy with it. So, without telling me, she began again. This is a mystery horror tale that so far is more mystery than horror, but I have a bad feeling. WIP, but she has Spring Break and is writing fast.

2. For someone only 18, humansrsuperior has an enormous talent. She has just published a psychological and physical hurt/comfort story with many layers of guilt, physical and mental pain, and just wonderful angst. You can tell I love it and I wanted to share it. It is called Wanted Man.


In other news, the agency accepted me, and I have a 2-week gig moving a web site. Let’s hope I keep my mouth shut and just do my job.


You heard of duck tape? Super glue? Just kidding. You'll do great. Positive energy sent your way.

Read the new redone cathy's story. Oh yeah, scary but good.

Going to check out the new one Want.

Good luck on your new job.
Duct tape sounds right. Wonder if I could find some the same color as my top?

Those stories are so delicious. Cathy promises to be writing while away at the cottage at the shore.
Duct tape sounds right. Wonder if I could find some the same color as my top?

Hmmm, yes they do make designer duck tape in all colors. You name it and I'll supply it. LOL