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an interesting meme

snurched with coolness from sabaceababe

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, please post [if you want] a comment with a memory [real-life or online] of you and me.** When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your lj and [perhaps] be surprised at what people remember about you.

So, what do you guys remember? hummm?


I remember how much encouragement I got from you when I was posting my stories at Kansas. You were one of the ones who kept me writing those longer stories. :)
Ooo, you are actually using the icon I made! I wasn't sure you would like it. *I'm such an insecure doof!*

Mutual support is what keeps us writing.
=D A couple big things (to me, anyway!)

Your offer to talk about things, even though I haven't exactly taken you up on it, meant a lot to me (and still does!).

And then how could I forget that I wouldn't have been able to get into Burbank last year without yall's help? ^_^

*Many SQUISHY hugs!!!(and the adoration icon)*
Catherine, how could I not offer my shoulder, ear, and a little monetary support when you are such a cool person!

Me,I remember a very interesting Crichton in drag who shocked me with tallness and a zebra stuffed animal in the bar at Burbank. I still love how your mind works.
i think/remember your remarkable determination and courage. also your wonderful humor. :)
aww, it is easy to be determined when one has a friend like you! Humor, well, takes one to know one. You are the one who has Teal'c learning how to waltz.
bwahaha! ::::faints laughing at who/yoda icon:::

thank you sweetie! as for teal'c...heh, he would love waltzing. yup. *veg*
hmm, you are hard to sum up in a single memory. I remember a really good LJ conversation we had about special needs kids and high stakes testing. I remember a lot of instances when I read your journal and felt awe for your strength and your grit as you pulled on through whatever life threw at you. I don't often post, but I always read your entries, ix. :)
And I read your entries all the time, as well, although I don't post very often either. I respect your wisdom and love your wit. By the way, did you participate in LithiumDoll's Sweet Charity Auction? I think I won an original ScaperRed story. I am so honored.
Yes, I did! I was waiting for further instructions from LD. :)
I remember being surprised and flattered when you gave very prompt feedback to one of my fics and you and Red got in an argument (involving fake sick notes) about wheather the fic was S/A shippy or not...
And I remember getting your many names mixed up and then missing out actually meeting you at Farpoint (shucks!). I hope we get to meet soon.
*grins* There's lots of people I want to meet- I swaer, if I ever go to a con, it will be for the scapers if nothing else.
Having to pick one thing is not easy. I guess the best memory would be your initial reaction to my first ever writing attempt and how you literally coached me into becoming a better writer.
marcel, it was easy because you are an amazing writer--quick learner. AND English isn't even your native language.
AND English isn't even your native language.

Interesting. You should read my post entitled 'Language'
Your offer to help me edit my poor attempt of writing. Your comments of encouragement. Lordy, there are so many more.