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angel john

Learniing the LJ and other stuff

I spent the weekend chaperoning middle school boys through Gilbert and Sullivan (man, are these guys loud and rather vulgar, but cute) and fun was had by all. My middle school daughter was a fairy in Iolanthe and it is amazing how beautifully the girls sang. I can’t say the same about the boys, but they will mature into themselves soon. I’m very tired (also chaperoned the cast party on Saturday night where the pizza place was charging $10 per head--which meant that if you wanted to stay inside the restaurant without even eating, you got charged. So parents stood outside looking into large windows while the kids threw ice at each other. My introduction to middle school life. lol

We went to an interesting meeting yesterday from Loren Pope (of the Pope-Leighey House by Frank Lloyd Wright) who wrote 40 Colleges That Changed Lives and had a fascinating if overwhelming time learning about these small schools. The college search has begun (or at least getting my daughter interested in pushing herself in school so as to attain admission into one of these places where she is excited to go). She is interested in ancient history (look jenlev another convert! And there was many interesting programs. She got overwhelmed and scared very fast so we left early and went book shopping (a favorite pastime).

I then got my hands dirty underneath the hood of Live Journal. I found a wonderful set of tutorials for customizing Live Journal and got very frustrated but stubborn compiling and debugging until I had learned how to change colors, backgrounds, sizing, etc. I feel very proud that I wrestled this thing to the ground (I think). It hurts my head. But I managed to change the look of my page using Component (because it is extremely modular).


Just a note on the college search (having volunteered as an alum yesterday for my own school), Macalester has a very nice, very small and intimate Classics program and it's a really fabulous school in an urban environment.
thanks for the suggestion. I'll definitely check it out. We are limiting my daughter to east of the mississippi river for now to allow for an easier commute home. Where is Macalester located? I have heard good things about it.
It's in St. Paul/Minneapolis.
She got overwhelmed and scared very fast so we left early and went book shopping (a favorite pastime).

Oh boy, can I relate to that. I can still feel that sense of intimidation thinking about the college search and I didn't even have that many options to go through (due to financial restraints). I wish you both much luck with that ;) Good that you're starting so early so that she has more of a chance to motivate herself and gear herself towards what she wants.

Your journal is gorgeous right now. I have yet to start looking around for prettier layouts. I think I might find a premade layout first before delving into tweaking my own though. That sounds about as scary as the college search! lol
Thanks! Yup, college search=scary. I can still remember mine from 30 years ago (HAS IT REALLY BEEN THAT LONG?). She is motivated but her grades aren't tip top and she tests poorly--but very bright just has some learning issues (ADD). So, we'll work on it (and she will, I hope).

Speaking of motivation. I look around at all the gorgeous layouts and get jealous. Well, this weekend, I decided that I should bite the bullet and start to figure things out. It is really not so tough (copying code once you figure out what each piece does). It is the figuring out that is hard to do. Then it is pretty easy to edit and change things. It teaches patience. lol

Thanks for the compliment, by the way. Welcome HOME
oh yay for gilbert and sullivan. :)

and hee! good that there are more converts. as for lj...gah, i keep hoping that my journal layout will stop automatically changing all by it's frelling self. meep.

Iolanthe was lovely and the boys were really bad singers compared to the amazing girls. It made for a strange evening. But, fun. This is the 19th year that this amazing Drama Teacher has put on these productions. Since this is sort of not blessed by the county (she is actually supposed to be a choral arts teacher but has lead a stealth drama department for all these years) parents chip in mightily. It is fun. L was in Mikado and Pirates of Penance. Next year, H is trying out for The Sorceror and Trial By Jury.

Ah, your mysterious gremlins. I think the S2 program is goofy. So many layers that change when nudged. So, I'm not surprised by your lj's weird behavior.
by the way, i love your layout. pretty and easy on the eyes.

and i do love pirates of penzance beyond pretty much all reason. and also hms piniafor. which i'm misspelling i think. ;)

i'm hoping to hear back from the lj tech wizards soon. i know this has been happening to other folks too...it sounds like they have some research ahead of them. poor folks.
Love the new look of your LJ! Love the backrgound of crushed velvet. Does it come in other colors? So pretty! If you get time, play with mine! Remember, I actually love the banner, but the pics I sent would look so good...one or both.

College Search

I have two daughters - both now graduated (one just a week ago from Washington University in St. Louis - great school, doesn't meet your east of the Mississippi requirement by about 5 miles!).

My only advice is to make sure that your daughter actually visits and steps foot on the campus. Both my girls knew immediately (2 steps in) whether they wanted to continue the visit and were interested in the campus. Other parents/children have validated this. It's an interesting visceral experience - trust your daughter's feelings on this! (I'd love to figure out this - it wasn't about size of the student population, the look of the campus, students met, faculty/course offerings. It was something else.)