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ET Crap

This week sucks

Early Monday morning (5 am), my husband woke with an intense pain in his left side. We waited until afternoon thinking that it was some sort of stomach bug, but when it didn’t get better and started to get worse, I made him call the doctor and off to the emergency room we ran. We spent from 3 pm to 11 with him getting tests to figure out what was going on and he is one sick man. It seems he has a severely inflamed gall bladder and they are doing more tests (they admitted him at 11 pm and I was falling apart from stress and needed to collect the girls from my mother’s house). If the tests come back positive, he’ll have the gall bladder removed. If not, they keep him until his white count goes down (at least I hope they keep him).

It is funny how different people deal with pain differently. I’ve grown pretty insensitive due to my chronic pains and what I’ve gone through that past two years. My husband has always been sort of a big baby and I think that is what threw me or I would have had him call the doctor sooner. They of course put him on the oncology floor (murphy’s law) and he is pretty sanguine and I always freak when he gets sick because it can bring on a seizure. You can tell, I’m a mess.

So, send hugs for my hubby (he is pretty comfortable at the moment, but still sick) and speak to whomever that this mystery gets solved.
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(((your hubby)))

Gall bladders are INCREDIBLY painful. Good news is that laproscopic surgery is loads better than back when I had my GB out.


Hope everything turns out right!
I wish him a speedy recovery.
**manly handshake**

And I'll keep all of you in my prayers.
*hugs to you and your husband*
I’ve grown pretty insensitive due to my chronic pains and what I’ve gone through that past two years. My husband has always been sort of a big baby and I think that is what threw me or I would have had him call the doctor sooner.

I did a similar thing when my friend took a fall snowboarding. I was like "you're fine, lets just get down to the bottom of the mountain and go find the ski patrol" and she was totally ready to do it.

But her boyfriend and mine were like "no, lets call ski patrol now" and they encouraged her to ride down on a sled.

Turns out she had broken her arm in two directions, and if she had followed my advice could have really hurt herself badly if she had fallen again. D'oh! All of our friends were like "remind me never to go snowboarding with you!" LOL

I hope your hubby gets better soon! *sends good gallbladder vibes*
I had my gall bladder removed when I was 16, so I know that he's going through some bad stuff at the moment. Laparoscopic surgery will have him home within a day or so at least. Unfortunately he may never be able to eat a lot of stuff if he has a typical guy's appetite for food. Well, he'll be able to eat them, just running the risk of an upset tummy afterward. I refuse to listen to the fact I'm not allowed to eat dill pickles. ;-)

I hope things go smoothly hon. *hug*
{{{hugs}}} and the hope that he's better soon. take good care of both of you. *more hugs*
Hope he is better soon (and you too!).
Thank you everyone. Obviously all the good vibes from all over the country and world paid off. D did have the lapriscopy tonight and he is resting comfortably. I'm so glad that I had him call the doctor because his gall bladder was a mess.

Kaz, it is amazing surgery and he is due home tomorrow. Since he is a simple eater (meat and potatoes but more pasta than anything) he should do fine. Thanks for the heads up.

I think it was really difficult to watch him go through all this knowing about hospitals and illness so closely myself. He is a reall trooper and after 24 years we are so part of each other that I don't know what I would have done (coped, yes) if things weren't solved. So thank you all and hugs back at ya.

You are great friends.
Oh, R! I just read your LJ. I'm sorry you and hubby are having such a stressful time. My sister went through the whole gall bladder thing a few years ago. She's so much better now than before.

Here's a hug from me...

{{{{{{{{{{hug, hug, hug}}}}}}}}}}}}
*hugs* i'll say a prayer for your hubby! i hope everything works out well!!! hang in there!
{{{HUGS}}}} FOR HUBBY AND YOU. So glad to know he is doing better. Now, jirl, you take a deep breath and know you and your family are loved.

Take care
Great to hear that your husband is better now, and that the surgery was successful and quick! I wish him a speedy recovery!
I know about guys being big babies when it comes to pain. I'm one of these babies as well, hehe, and it's the same with me when I'm sick, then I want to whole world to care. My girl-friend takes these things a lot more stoically... I'm trying to change, but it's not easy being a guy ;-)
I'm playing catch-up with my flist, so I've only just read this. I'm glad things worked out and I hope he is recovering well!!
I hope he is already better !!