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ET Crap

This week sucks

Early Monday morning (5 am), my husband woke with an intense pain in his left side. We waited until afternoon thinking that it was some sort of stomach bug, but when it didn’t get better and started to get worse, I made him call the doctor and off to the emergency room we ran. We spent from 3 pm to 11 with him getting tests to figure out what was going on and he is one sick man. It seems he has a severely inflamed gall bladder and they are doing more tests (they admitted him at 11 pm and I was falling apart from stress and needed to collect the girls from my mother’s house). If the tests come back positive, he’ll have the gall bladder removed. If not, they keep him until his white count goes down (at least I hope they keep him).

It is funny how different people deal with pain differently. I’ve grown pretty insensitive due to my chronic pains and what I’ve gone through that past two years. My husband has always been sort of a big baby and I think that is what threw me or I would have had him call the doctor sooner. They of course put him on the oncology floor (murphy’s law) and he is pretty sanguine and I always freak when he gets sick because it can bring on a seizure. You can tell, I’m a mess.

So, send hugs for my hubby (he is pretty comfortable at the moment, but still sick) and speak to whomever that this mystery gets solved.
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{{{hugs}}} and the hope that he's better soon. take good care of both of you. *more hugs*