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Beware of Dog

Who are my live journal friends?

snurched from twitchie when I should be working.

My LiveJournal Friends


D is doing so much better--pain is gone and he is driving again. Life has settled back into mom being pissed at my daughter and husband and me in the middle (what else is new?). I can’t complain. School’s out today for the summer. Next week is getting ready for sleep away camp.

Ben Browder is going to be at Burbank 2006 and there is no way I can legitimize going again. sigh. You guys who can go, have fun and think of us who can’t.


I'll definitely think of you!!! I'll be your sticker fairy if you want me to *hugs*
there still might be hope--but not for breakfast as I assume the tickets will be long gone. But I definitely want you to be my spirit holder. I had such fun meeting last year and hanging out with you. ***back at ya***
I am hoping to go but unit I can sell this old house I'll be staying home too. Sigh.