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ff the crew

Long time no post--long time too much real life

It is funny that Live Journal bugs you when you haven't posted in awhile. So, life has been one roller coaster ride after another, health problems again, a Bat Mitzvah to plan (and daughter 2 did beautifully and family behaved crazily--all normal), we are college hunting and pushing my Junior to pay attention in school (what else is new?) while she wants to draw and create films. I think she will go to Junior College for a year and then Film School or to be a psychologist. I think there is way too much pressure around my community about all this. It is very catching too. Freelance sucks. BUT, I'm having fun designing Anthony Simcoe and Nat Dean's new web site www.livescifi.com--head over an see what is going on.

Anybody want to write reviews? columns? post vids? Contact buckscaper at buck@livescifi.com. He desperately needs artists. Tariq has posted his Season 4 storyboards and concept drawings for Farscape and some of his other work. Brilliant!

I'm watching Supernatural and am riveted. Cathy1967 flew in from Denmark for the Bat Mitzvah (Scapers are the best of the best!) and turned me on to it. I'm way behind everyone else, but whatelse is new? I'm still watching Farscape reruns and Stargate to talk to friends over on Ben Browder Online. I guess I just felt I had nothing to blog about here. I have been lurking, though (somewhat).

Kaz, thanks for the nudge. Hope to see you in November. Hope you are doing okay.

That's all for now. I'll try to be a more timely poster.  


I was just worried since I hadn't seen anything from you in a while. More health problems? *wibble* I hope it's not as serious as the last time. *hugs you*

But I'm glad to hear the Bat Mitzvah went with only the typical craziness. ;)

It's hard to believe our girls are thinking about college already, isn't it?
Isn't it amazing that when you want time to slow down it doesn't -- ala our "kids" are now teens and we have to worry about teen stuff rather than kid stuff. Hope you are doing okay. My physical stuff is just more dren falling out from the chemo (liver problems--but I've lost 10 lbs and dieting is finally working because my liver wasn't and now is beginning to again). I'm trying for a positive attitude now a days.

Thanks again for caring. I've been thinking of you too. Hope life isn't too nutty. I'm bringing Lisa to the con as a Senior gift.
Hi, R! Decided to finally take a few mins and say "hi" to some old friends. Great news on the diet...a little success does wonders for the personal outlook, doesn't it. Glad you are getting back on track with your health.

Glad you made it safely through the family event :) Got to go look at the website :)

Anyway, just wanted to say "Hi"...my RL is nuts, too!
ix, could you email me? Worried about Kaz. Or reply to the thread on TF.
It is so good to see you posting here. Hope life treats you well. Nice to hear what you are doing on Anthony Simcoe and Nat Dean's new web . If anyone can do I know you are the one.

Sick again? (sigh) I am so sorry to hear this. I have been so worried not hearing from you. I am glad the dieting is helping. I have you in my thoughts. Hoping the best for you.

Love from you crazy silent friend.