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blue eyes

I love Autumn except this year

Ever notice that as a parent we sort of vicariously relive our pasts through our children's adventures? Daughter #1 is college hunting and trying to figure out what she wants to "be". She switches identities daily. Drives me batty but sort of delights me too. But I find myself reliving my high school senior year (yech) along with her. Lots of terrible pressures and feelings of not living up to my peers. I'm trying to figure out how much to help and how much to watch. It is very difficult.

Sorry haven't posted much but I've been very very depressed and harried/hassled/frazzled with RL.

I'm enjoying the FSRV talks over at Ben Browder Online Forum and enjoy the lovely people over there. I've also belatedly discovered all the fantabulous stories solicited by kazbaby in her Potluck Ficathon. Such talented writers and I'm so dry in that department at the moment. I think gigerisgod's story and kixxa's story touched me the most and Kaz's story scared me the most. Thank goodness Farscape fic is not dead.


hey! i haven't seen you post in a long time. i am glad you are still around and i really hope that everything gets better soon. good luck to your daughter college searching. :)

Hi, I'm sorry I've been so delinquent. I've been lurking a lot but felt I had very little to say. Things aren't bad, just blah. How is your life going? Are you coming to the Burbank con? If so, I'll see you there (this time I promise!)
Don't apologize! RL often gets in the way. :) Things have been pretty good lately I guess. Blah for most of the summer, but looking up now, I think. :)

Not going to Burbank. Have fun there though!
hey! good to see you! I've been thinking about you lately and wondering how you've been. You're coming to Burbank???

Good luck with the daughter--it IS a phase, it's just the getting THROUGH the phase that's difficult.

Sorry to hear you've been feeling down. Hopefully everything is turning up for you now.




Domino here!

You're doing alright Girl. Just hang wid it. We're all here for ya.

Farscape will never die.

PS: I'm studying Museum Studies this semester. Professor says she may never teach this again. We're putting together A WHOLE NEW EXHIBIT!

Did construction, painting, and now I'm drawing up a scaled floor plan, with meter measurements.

My brain hurts....