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sg1 poke

We got a second kitten today

Spur of the moment (with much thought before hand) we adopted a new kitten today to join Simba, our 5-year old orange tabby. This gray cutie female is very young and shy but sweet. The girls have decided to name her Luna. We'll have a couple days until we get her (the Humane Society has to call and interview us and then we have to sign the papers and get with the foster mother). They make you bend over backwards to take a pet in this county.

I learned how to introduce Luna to Simba so that the kitten isn't overwhelmed and our older cat doesn't go nuts over the intrusion. It should be an interesting time.


Ooh, a new kitten. How wonderful. :D Congratulations. You must send me pictures when you get Luna. :D Let's hope that Simba shares your enthusiasm.

New kitty!

Well, you do know what Hemingway said about cats? One cat leads to another. He had like 20 at all times!

*counts* hmmm, we've only got nine... eleven short of a full Hemingway load...